Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a lease or a loan?
We offer both leases and loans.  We can typically structure a note either way depending on your preference.

2. What kind of leases do you offer?
Term residual, 10% and dollar buy out leases.

3. What are your rates?
Rates starting at 4%.

4. What are your credit criteria? 
We score transactions based on your credit report (not just score!), cashflows and time in business. Learn more about our process.

5. What will I need as a down payment?
One payment is typical but can be up to 30% for tougher transactions.

6. What transaction sizes do you do?
CRD Financial completes transactions as small as $3,000 and as a large as $3,000,000.  The majority of our transactions range at between $5,000 and $100,000.

7.  Who can I buy from?
You can purchase equipment from any vendor, private party or auction.

8. Do you have any restrictions on equipment age or condition?
We do not have limitations on age of equipment.  Equipment that has been rebuilt or has been maintained well is great collateral.

9. Do you work with start ups?
Yes, we work with start ups and are excited to help businesses get on their feet!

10. My credit is poor, can you still help?
Yes, we have programs for challenged credit. These programs do tend to require more money down or collateral.  By paying your note on time you will also see your business credit improve!

We evaluate each loan through our unique storybook credit approach.


CRD Financial is your full service, go-to, commercial finance solution. Find out more about us.

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