The CRD Financial Method

This is especially true in the logging industry, where sudden breakdowns can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Using CRD’s financing allows you to continue to build-up cash reserves for unexpected business expenses.

Most small businesses’ start-up financing comes from leveraging personal credit. This can inhibit your ability to borrow for personal needs - like a home. By using CRD’s commercial financing, you can keep your business and personal finances separate.

Financing your equipment can reduce your tax liability by depreciating the asset. CRD Financial allows you to write-off up to the full payment as a business expense.

In the logging industry contracts are typically paid after work is complete. This system can make securing contracts and growing your business difficult, particularly when you need a new piece of equipment or cash to complete the job. Financing through CRD Financial allows you to purchase new equipment or secure additional cash so business flow is not interrupted.

When projects last more than a few months, renting becomes expensive and cost prohibitive. Financing equipment with CRD Financial enables you to pay a quarter of what renting would cost while simultaneously building business equity in an asset.

A key to growing your business is being up to date with the newest, most efficient technologies. However, the price of these new technologies can be cost-prohibitive for small businesses. CRD Financial eliminates this obstacle so your business can thrive in a competitive landscape.


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